Udruženje estetskih plastičnih hirurga Srbije

Where the surgery will be performed?

Even when hospitalization after the surgery is not needed, all surgeries should be performed in hospitals.

Your hospital should be specialized in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Sick patients who need the surgery for their health should not be operated in the same operation theatre with the aesthetic surgery patients. The same goes for the medical staff that will be in contact with you.

Ask your plastic surgeon whether the hospital is accredited and/or certified; such credentials are not compulsory, however it gives additional recommendation.

Ask whether the hospital is subject to the regular epidemiological controls, and whether there are controls and safety measures in order to prevent intra-hospital infections.

As advised by the World Health Organization, safety protocols are necessary as part of patient’s safety

o   Patient’s protocol prior to Anesthesia

o   Patient’s protocol prior to the surgical cut

o   Patient’s protocol before leaving the operation room

Patient’s safety is our top priority!

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