Udruženje estetskih plastičnih hirurga Srbije

Calf implants

This surgery is performed when calf muscles are not sufficiently developed.

  • Duration of the surgery:

One and a half hour.

  • Anesthesia:

Regional block, epidural or general Anesthesia

  • Surgical procedure:

The cut is made at the back of the knee, where smooth implants are positioned into the sub-fascia layer of the medial calf muscle.  There are three sizes of implants, chosen based on the muscle length.

  • Postoperative procedure:

For this surgery 24 hours hospital stay is advised. It is compulsory too wear the garment or compressive socks for three or four weeks. Legs should be elevated. Physical activity is not advised for at least six weeks.

  • Risks:

Hematoma, seromas, infection, moving or dislocation of implants, capsular contracture, implant’s rupture, “feeling” the implants, difficult of not healing of the wound.

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