Udruženje estetskih plastičnih hirurga Srbije

Did you choose the right surgeon?

This is one of the major issues affecting your safety. The specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery lasts for five years, and the aesthetic surgery is the part of it. For sure, if your surgeon is another specialist, your plastic aesthetic surgery could not be considered safe. Choosing for example, surgeon gynecologist, or otorhinolaryngologist to perform breast augmentation or face lifting is the decision that puts under the risk the outcome of the surgery.

It is also essential that you get thoroughly informed about the expertise and experience of your surgeon, for example the number of performed surgeries, where s/he was educated, and in which particular areas of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.  It is also necessary that your selected surgeon present to you his/her work, such as before/after photos of previous patients. Before bringing the decision to undertake the surgical procedure, you have to know that your surgeon has sufficient qualifications to perform it. Unless you are not sure, look up for opinions and testimonials of patients who had the same or similar surgery.

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