Udruženje estetskih plastičnih hirurga Srbije

How to choose the right procedure for resolving your problem?

Independent choice of your operation or a procedure in most cases is not necessarily the best one.

For example:

o   You want implants in your breasts; however if your breasts are limp, in order to get the desirable look you will most probably need to have breasts lifting and tightening in addition to implants

o   You want to remove fat from your belly by liposuction; however in that way you will not get the desirable look, because the skin of your belly will stay untighten. Most probably you need another type of the surgery that is tightening of the abdominal area.

You are considering face lifting but there may very well be that your problem is not uptight skin but you need to revitalize your face, and regain its vigor. Therefore, face-lifting is not your best choice, but fat transfer.

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