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Are you well informed about the post-operative recovery?

Post-operative recovery is the very important segment of your surgery. Ask your doctor everything about the details of your recovery, for example what limitations the surgery will cause how long that would take. Even in the perfectly performed surgery, there is a possibility of complications. Ask your doctor about possible risks and how these could be resolved.
Here are some examples of what you should ask your surgeon:
a)   Are you staying in the hospital after the surgery, and if not, is it possible that in case of bleeding you will be re-admitted?
b)   Who of the staff will supervise your post-operative recovery, who is the person you could be in touch with every day?
c)   Is there the emergency number that you could call 24 hours a day?
d)   Are you going to need the help of third person during your post-operative recovery and if yes, for how long? Or is it safe for you to be alone in that period?
e)   If you are coming from another city or state, when (after the surgery) it will be safe for you to travel? What kind of transportation you should take, what positions or pressure would be adequate for you during the travel? (Sitting for a long time, on the plane or in the car increases the risk of pulmonary embolism and deep veins thrombosis even on healthy persons, let alone those who just came out from the surgery.)
f)   Are there any limitations with regards to the food, and if yes, will you be provided with the written directions about your diet. Are you allowed to take alcohol drinks, and if not for how long after the surgery?
g)   Are there and if yes, what are the limitations in movements and activities like swimming, exercising, running, weight lifting, or handling heavy objects?
h)   If you are from abroad, and complications happen when you get home so that you need another surgery; who will pay for the secondary operation and revision?

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