Udruženje estetskih plastičnih hirurga Srbije


This surgery is performed when one is not satisfied with the look of his/her nose.

  • Duration of the surgery:

From one to three hours.

  • Anesthesia:

Local (with or without analgo-sedation) or general

  • Surgical procedure:

With this surgery the entire nose could be enlarged or reduced, its length could be increased or decreased, the tip of the nose could be reshaped, the holes of the nose could be reduced, or the angle between the nose and the lips could be corrected. The cartilage of the septum is often used with this surgery, so for the surgeon it is necessary to be familiar with functional nose surgeries as well. Beside the septum, cartilages could be used from the ears or ribs, especially for secondary surgeries. Techniques used for this surgery could be open or closed.

  • Postoperative procedure:

Depending on the surgery, external and internal immobilization is necessary for one week, in some cases longer. When operated with the open technique, stitches are removed after seven days. Sleeping should be with half-lifted head.

Contact sports are not advised for two to three months. Mushy food is advised for up to one month after the surgery. For this surgery hospital stay is advised.

  • Risks:

Swelling, bleeding, hematoma, asymmetry, repeated deformation, visibility of the scar. If the secondary surgery is necessary, it should not be performed for at least one year after the first one.

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