Udruženje estetskih plastičnih hirurga Srbije

Men breasts reduction – Gynaecomastia

This surgery is done for beautifying the men breasts. Prior to the decision about the surgery, it is necessary that the patient is examined by the endocrinologist.

  • Duration of the surgery:

One to two hours.

  • Anesthesia:

General or local infiltrative Anesthesia with analgo-sedation

  • Surgical procedure:

Depending on the type and the size of enlarged men breasts, the surgery could be done in two ways: if the breasts are without ptosis and mainly fat type, a liposuction could be performed. If it is the case of enlarged gland or enlarged nipple, the gland is removed by reduction of the nipple, leaving the scar around the nipple. The gland is sent for the histopathology analysis, and the patient is monitored by the endocrinologist.

  • Postoperative procedure:

For this surgery hospital stay is not mandatory. The recovery lasts five to seven days, while wearing the garment is advised fo one month.

  • Risks:

Uneven skin, nipples asymmetry, remaining gynecomastia, changed sensibility, hematoma, infection.

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