Udruženje estetskih plastičnih hirurga Srbije


This surgery is usually performed after pregnancy or significant weight loss.

  • Duration of the surgery:

Up to two hours.

  • Anesthesia:

Most often in general Anesthesia, but it could be done in high epidural Anesthesia.

  • Surgical procedure:

The excess skin from below the belly button to upper line of the pubic bone is removed. During this surgery usually the tightening of the abdominal muscles is performed, with forming the new belly button.

  • Postoperative procedure:

It is advised that the patient should stay in the hospital for one day. The recovery lasts for two weeks, in which period the patient is advised to walk and sleep in slightly bended position. Wearing the garment is compulsory for four weeks. More demanding physical activities are not advised before six weeks after the surgery. The scar matures and flattens during one year.

  • Risks:

Hematoma, swelling, infection, thrombosis, fat embolism, difficulty in healing or not healing the wound, back pain, hypertrophic or keloid scars.

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