Udruženje estetskih plastičnih hirurga Srbije

Serbian Society of Aesthetic Surgeons

About Us

Serbian Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgeons is voluntary, non-governmental and nonprofit organization. It has been founded with the aim of education of young specialists and doctors, exchange of experiences in scientific research and technological achievements, development of mutual cooperation among both, its own members and other international organizations in the field.

Serbian Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgeons gathers specialists in plastic surgery, and its active members have at least five years of specialist’s experience. Within our association, we continuously improve and share our medical skills, at all times maintaining strong ethical attitude towards both, our patients and our colleagues.

To our patients we deliver safety, through a thorough instructive process offering information about all surgical and non-surgical procedures. We inform our patients about compulsory preoperative preparation, postoperative recovery, with detailed instructions how to go through the operative or non-operative procedure safely. We aim to be accessible to all our patients, by providing advice, help resolving their dilemmas and support their decisions.

Patient’s safety is in the first place to all surgeons in our association, and each of our surgeons insures his/her patients.

Serbian Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgeons will actively work on protection of the public and our profession from doctors who are insufficiently competent or have doubtful qualifications, at all times respecting the ideals of medical profession, and we will be vigorously involved in all activities aimed at the benefit of each particular patient of ours.

Managing Board Members

  • Acting President of the Association Dejan Milutinovic, MD
  • Vice-president Vladislav Ribnikar, MD
  • Secretary Aleksandar Dusanovic, MD, MSc
  • Siniša Kojic, MD PhD
  • Aleksandar Urosevic, MD
  • Mr sc.med. dr Svetlana Vesanovic

Supervising Board Members

  • Vladimir Stojiljkovic, MD, MSc
  • Igor Smiljanic, MD


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