Udruženje estetskih plastičnih hirurga Srbije


This is non-surgical aesthetic procedure performed with specifically designed threads - 3D Meso threads or type 3D Cog threads, usually combined. The threads are stimulating synthesis of the new collagen and elastic fibers in the skin and neo-vascularization; the effect is tightened skin with better quality, lifting of certain areas of the face or the body.

  • Duration of the procedure:

30 to 60 minutes

  • Anesthesia

Topical local anesthetic cream, local infiltrative, block anesthesia

  • Procedure

The threads are placed sub-cutaneous with special cannulas or needs, into the regions that need tightening, lifting, revitalization or strengthening. Your doctor will determine the number of threads needed their length and thickness, depending on which area of the face or the body is treated.

  • Post-intervention procedure

Avoiding physical activities and sun/heat exposure for ten days. It is advised that mimic expressions are minimal, and sleeping on the back is advised.

  • Risks

Puffiness, bruises, sense of tightening in the face, mild pain in treated areas, threads migration.

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